Welcome to GRP Connect 

Water Window Challenge Winners
Water Window Challenge Grantees

You will all have noticed the ‘global’ in GRP. With projects scattered all over the world, and only rare opportunities to come together face-to-face, we have created GRP Connect to provide an online convening space where the GRP community - including Challenge Winners and the GRP team - can share updates and information, successes and challenges, find synergies and raise questions for discussion…no matter where we are, or what time zones we’re operating in.

This space will be actively curated by the GRP team, but we want you to see this as your space. Enrich the projects you are working on by bringing issues to the wider group; connect with peers and experts (they may even become your future partners and collaborators); provoke, disturb and engage!

Personally, I look forward to interacting with you on GRP Connect, answering your questions and sharing GRP’s latest news. We are also planning Ask Me Anything sessions where I’ll be online to answer queries, and will announce the date and time for the first one soon.

Below you’ll find a short introduction to the site; you will also receive a complete user manual containing more information about GRP Connect on the resources page.

Navigating the site:

  1. HomeWhere you’ll find the latest updates from GRP, as well as any announcements for the teams.

  2. Pulse - A newsfeed where all users can upload content, including photos, relating to recent activity.

  3. Projects - Contains information on all the winning teams. Teams should share updates on progress at regular intervals with GRP, which will manage updates.

  4. Resources - Where you can find documents for download, including GRP and partner assets and resilience reading.

  5. Forum - Where winning teams can engage in longer discussions on specific topics, such as progress, challenges or questions.

Go forth and explore – start discussions, add images and updates, and read more about other challenge winners to see where collaboration is possible.

Finally, we hope you’ll get in touch with suggestions as to what GRP Connect can be doing better: email nleteipan@globalresiliencepartnership.org with your thoughts.

 - Dr. Luca Alinovi